USAA Routing Number: USAA Federal Bank Routing Number and Locations Near Me

USAA Routing Number: USAA Federal Bank Routing Number and Locations Near Me

USAA Routing Number

The American USAA Federal Saving bank is dedicated to US Military Personnel and their families. The USAA Routing Number is important for Federal Savings bank Customers. Whenever you have to send or receive money from the same bank or another bank you have to provide USAA Routing Number. The American Bankers Association has given various ABA Routing Numbers to USAA Federal Savings bank. The Routing Numbers is allotting to each branch and it is based on Bank’s geographical area/location. The USAA Routing Number can get by Federal bank’s Check, Online Banking Login and USAA Customer Care Service.

USAA Bank Routing Number(State and Branch ABA RTN Number List)

State/Region of USAA Federal Savings Bank USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Number

(ABA RTN/Transit Number)

USAA FSB Routing Number Paper Transaction Electronic Transaction Wire Transfer
Las Vegas, Nevada 122487129 YES YES YES
10750 McDermott, Frwy 114094041 YES YES NO
San Antonio, Texas 314074269 YES YES YES

The USAA Federal bank Routing Number In Check

USAA Routing Number - USAA Federal Bank Routing Number & Location Near Me

As shown in the image the Account Number, Check Number and Routing Number is available in USAA Federal Savings Bank Check. The Routing Transit Number (RTN) is at on the bottom left corner of the check (nine digits). After that, there is account number and the check number is placed at the top and bottom of the check. The Routing Number is useful in a Paper transaction, Electronic Transaction and Wire Transfer. Some of the Routing Number doesn’t support wire transfer so before making any confirm from your branch before make any transaction using USAA Routing Number.

How to find USAA Routing Number Through Online banking?

For finding USAA Routing Number through online banking, a customer has to an online banking account with USAA Federal Savings Bank. For Login, you must have laptop/computer or smartphone to open USAA FSB website and have Online ID and Password for Login. After Logged in, you can make a transaction online and find branch ABA Routing Number.

For getting Routing Number from Online banking first user to have to register for Online banking of USAA FSB. After that follow below steps to get Routing transit Number of USAA Federal Service bank.

  1. Log in to USAA FSB website
  2. Find the Log On option on the upper right side of a page and click.
  3. Enter your Online ID and Password for Login.
  4. Click on the Login button to sign on to Online banking account.
  5. Select the Account Info/Summary tab.
  6. Check USAA FSB ABA Routing Transit Number and note it down.

Find USAA Routing Number through Bank Customer Care

The customers of USAA can ask about USAA Routing Number to customer Care Service. The USAA FSB customer care number can be dialed by any number of United States. Customer care executive can be available for working hours as mentioned by a bank. The USAA Routing Number is available on Check and can be checked with Online banking if the user doesn’t have checkbook and internet than you can call customer care number. The Customer care executive will ask your bank account number and other details and after that, you will get USAA Routing Number.

USAA Federal Savings bank Customer care Number: 210-531-8722

USAA Federal Savings bank Customer care Number: 800-531-8722

Operational hours: USAA FSB Customer Care

Monday to Friday: 06:30AM to 10:00PM CT

Saturday: 08:00AM to 06:00PM CT

Find USAA Federal Savings Bank Location Near Me

USAA Federal Savings Bank has branches or financial centers across four regions of United States. If you want to check your savings account details or buy an auto insurance policy you have to visit USAA FSB branch. The USAA FSB has financial centers and ATM in Colorado, New York, Maryland and Texas. You also can find nearest branches from USAA FSB’s website If you know the branch address, then check for working hours before visiting branch or financial center.

How to find USAA FSB Branch/Financial Center Near Me

  1. Log on to USAA FSB website
  2. Scroll down to bottom of the homepage and click on find a financial center.
  3. Read the special notice and click on view locations link.
  4. Now check the list of financial centers displayed on a screen.
  5. Select the USAA FSB location that you want information.
  6. Note down the USAA FSB financial Center address and working hours.

How to find USAA FSB Bank ATM Locations Near Me

The USAA FSB has Onsite Deposit and Withdraw ATM facility at below locations.

Colorado Springs

1855 Telstar Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Monday to Friday: 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM
Saturday: 09:00AM to 01:00PM
Sunday: Closed

Highland Falls (West Point)

529 Main Street
Highland Falls, NY 10928


Monday to Friday: 09:00AM to 05:00PM ET
Saturday: 09:00AM to 01:00PM ET
Sunday: Closed

Annapolis (Maryland)

5125 Prince George Street
Annapolis, MD 21401


Monday to Friday: 09:00AM to 05:00PM ET
Saturday: 09:00AM to 03:00PM ET
Sunday: Closed

San Antonio (Texas)

10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288


Monday to Friday: 08:30 AM to 05:00 PM
Saturday: 09:00AM to 01:00PM
Sunday: Closed

The full form of USAA is the United Services Automobile Association. It was founded by 25 Army officer in 1922 for ensuring each other’s vehicles. The USAA provides financial planning, insurance, investment and banking products to United State Military Members and their families.

The USAA FSB is one of the banking companies owned by United Services Automobile Association. If you are working with US military than you can open a checking or savings accounts with USAA FSB. The Federal Savings bank provides additional facilities like Credit Cards, Personal Loan, Vehicle Loan and Home Loan.


All the above information about USAA Federal Savings bank Routing Number/ABA Transit Number are true and authentic. If you find any query or any doubt kindly visit the nearest branch, visit the official website or contact Customer care.

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